GMASA2017 Marked an Exciting Beginning of the Year for the App Community

As the world settles in to face the opportunities and challenges the New Year brings, GMASA (Global Mobile App Summit and Awards), one of the world’s leading event dedicated to the global app community, is already making waves for concluding its grandest mobile app industry event in Jakarta in January this year.

GMASA was conceptualized by Mr. Venkatesh C.R., Chairman of GMASA with a vision to collaborate and organize the app industry especially in the South East Asian region. GMASA, today, is one of the biggest platform where participants of mobile app community get together to exchange notes on emerging technologies and trends, new business applications and discuss issues relevant to the growth of mobile app industry.

Moreover, GMASA is also a great place for mobile app developers, app marketers, mentors, influencers and investors to network and form fruitful partnerships.

In the past, GMASA has organized events with increasing scale in cities like Bengaluru, Bangkok and Chennai. This year, the organizing committee at GMASA took the event to Jakarta, Indonesia.

The one day event was held at the plush Balai Kartini hotel on January 26, 2017.

We bring to you a sneak peek of the much loved event that witnessed an attendance of over 750 participants from around the word.

The event was inaugurated by Prof. Ahmad Rusly, Director General of Post & Informatics Administration, Republic of Indonesia, who encouraged the app community to establish deep roots in Indonesia and optimize the abundant talent in the country.

This was followed by a string of keynote speeches from distinguished speakers from corporates such as Google, IBM and OLX, punctuated by panel discussion on the hottest topics of the industry – from app monetization to creating social impact through apps.

The event also hosted the much awaited ‘Indie Pitch’ contest for which hundreds of app developers and owners submitted their entries. The 10 shortlisted contestants were given the stage space to pitch their app to a room full of VCs, corporates and industry influencers.

As the event progressed towards its end, participants found time to network and explore new business opportunities.

There were also several exhibitors displaying their disruptive technology and innovative products to prospective partners, investors and buyers attending GMASA 2017.

Mr. Venkatesh, who is also the CEO & Managing Director of leading digital marketing company DotCom Infoway, graciously agreed to present his views on the recently concluded event as well as shared insights on the mobile app industry.


1) How do you think the current edition of GMASA (Jakarta edition) would prove to be a turning point for mobile app industry participants? 

GMASA is a focused event that centres entirely around the mobile industry. App developers and marketers have a number of aspects to consider in launching a successful business such as monetization, localization, user engagement and retention, and even, finding the right amount of funding. GMASA aims to help them scale this challenge by presenting a unified platform for both developers and marketers to gain first-hand knowledge and insights from frontrunners who have already made their mark in the industry.

2) How does GMASA bridge the gap between VCs and App Developers?

GMASA is a large-scale event where VCs and app developers / owners get a great opportunity to network and exchange ideas and also display products / services. From exhibitions to dedicated business hours, there are multiple occasions for these two parties to meet and explore partnership opportunities.

The event also features fests and award functions, and the winning apps are closely monitored by VCs.

3) How an Indian event like GMASA competes with global standards?

The supremely talented and perseverant GMASA team is to be credited for this feat. We have been able to meticulously plan and flawlessly orchestrate the large scale event. In each event, we closely adhere to all the minute aspects of the event so that they not only meet the global standards, but also exceed them. It requires lot of diligence and commitment. With the past three events, we have been able to create a template for organizing successful events. We are looking forward to planning further events using the lessons we've taken from previous events.

4) Which all factors do you consider before choosing a destination for hosting GMASA events?

Indonesia is fast emerging as an important hub for mobile application industry, with Jakarta at its centre. With every GMASA event, we aim to capture the essence of a completely new market every time and in Jakarta, we found an ideal choice for hosting GMASA 2017.

5) What would be your top tip to mobile app owners and marketers regarding making their apps viral?

The key contributors to virality are uniqueness, usefulness, social interactivity and share-ability and of course, constant user engagement.